Energetic alternative rock combined with pure passion is what Underpaid stands for. The band from the south-german suburb Göppingen is creating a unique mix of hard guitar riffs and catchy melodies for more than 15 years and 4 successful albums now. Never chasing after any trends or genre standards, the five-member combo is one thing above all else: real. And you can feel that. Driven by the distinctive voice of charismatic frontman Thomas Csapak, Underpaid is tying up literally every listener and takes them on a wild and emotional roller coaster ride. Fasten your seatbelts, please!


With their new album FOREVER AND A DAY Underpaid comes back stronger and more mature than ever. They deliver an energetic and rousing sound that once again impressively proves what this band is all about: Powerful. Authentic. Underpaid.



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